Best battery saving tips - How to save battery on Phone or Tablet

Hi, how can I save battery on Android mobile phone or tablet ?

What are the best battery saving tips ?
23 Mar 2021 at 07:37 AM
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To save battery on your phone or tablet, you have to reduce the using of its hardware, like display, Wi-Fi, GPS, bluetooth, speakers, vibration motor, CPU etc. You can reduce the using of device's hardware manually, but there are also some battery saving modes and battery saving apps available.

Battery saving tips:

  • Reduce screen brightness - it is one of the easiest ways how to prolong your battery life.
  • Let the screen turn off sooner
  • Enable Dark Mode - you can try to use dark theme.
  • Set the brightness to change automatically - it is a comfortable way how to get enough brightness.
  • Turn-off Wi-Fi, Mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth - disable these hardware parts when you don't use them.
  • Turn-off vibrations
  • Turn-off keyboard sounds
  • Enable data saver for mobile data
  • Try to use Power Saving Mode or Battery Saving App
  • Close unused applications that are running in the background

26 Jun 2021 at 03:17 PM
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If you often wake up your phone for example to check time or notifications, you can also save battery with using of "Always on Display" mode. It lets you view the time, date, missed calls, notifications or other information when the screen is turned off. With Always on Display you don't need to wake up your phone so often. The feature is also called Active display or Ambient display.
21 Sep 2021 at 10:26 AM
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