Android phone soft / hard reset, master / factory reset - difference

Hi, what is the difference between soft reset and hard reset, master reset and factory reset of android smartphones ?
10 Jan 2021 at 04:06 PM
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There are not many phone reset methods available. I would say you can use soft reset or hard reset on your android mobile phone.

Soft reset - power off the phone using the power button, wait for approx. 30 - 60 seconds and then switch the phone on.

Hard reset - power off the phone using the power button, then boot the phone into Recovery mode and choose Wipe data / factory reset. This type of reset will delete your data and installed applications. It will reset the phone into factory conditions.

Master reset and Factory reset - these are the different words for the same thing. Hard reset is also known as master or factory reset. There is no difference between them.
12 Jan 2021 at 12:06 PM
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