Are laptops with integrated shared graphics card good enough ?

Cheaper laptops usually have integrated graphics cards with shared graphics memory. Are these laptops good enough for internet browsing, online video calls, watching videos and using of the graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop ?
posted on 20.10.2019 at 17:25
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Cheaper laptops usually have onboard integrated graphic cards, so this type of GPU is quite common. These graphics cards provide good performance, to cover the needs of average computer users. Internet browsing, online video calls, watching movies are considered as basic computing activities. Adobe Photoshop can be used on computers with integrated GPU.

Integrated graphics card shares memory with the CPU. Dedicated graphics card has its own memory, called video random access memory. Dedicated GPUs are often required by more demanding users, that work with advanced motion graphics software, stream video, play games etc.
posted on 25.10.2019 at 18:58
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