Best free YouTube video editors with low hardware requirements

Which free YouTube video editors have low hardware requirements, so they can be used on regular laptops without a graphics card ?
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10 May 2022 at 06:36 PM
You can find many free editors for YouTube videos, but not each of them provide all the features within a free version. But some editors offer only a limited functionality, limited video quality or they automatically add watermark to video.

Graphics card is not necessary in case of many video editors, but if you have better hardware, then overall video editing process is better.

Free video editors for YouTube videos with low hardware requirements:

  • VSDC - one of the most popular free video editors for Windows PC. It supports many video resolutions like 4K, UHD or 360 degree videos. It allows to work with a wide range of video formats. You can use motion tracking, color correction, blending modes, text effects, speed change, resizing, video stabilization, many other video effects and audio effects.
  • Shotcut - another popular free video editor supporting 4K. It works on Windows and also on Mac OS. If offers drag and drop capabilities. You can work with many video formats, filters, video effects and audio effects.
  • VideoPad - available for Windows and Mac OS. It supports popular video formats. You can use many transitions, video effects and audio effects.

Some video editors are free to use only for educational or non-commercial purposes.
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23 Aug 2022 at 04:53 PM
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