Change QWERTZ keyboard to QWERTY in Windows 11 - switch layout

How can I switch between QWERTZ and QWERTY keyboard layout in Windows 11 ?

I would like to change the keyboard layout to QWERTY, but I don' t see this option.
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06 Feb 2023 at 05:48 PM

You can switch between available keyboard layouts in Windows 11, by using a shortcut Ctrl + Shift. It also can be done manually by clicking on keyboard layout in the bottom bar:

windows 11 switch between keyboard layouts

If you don't see QWERTZ or QWERTY keyboard layout in the list, you have to add it. To add a new keyboard layout, go to Settings and click on Time & Language:

windows 11 settings time language change keyboard layout

Then click on Language & region:

windows 11 settings language region keyboard typing

Click on the three dots on the displayed language and choose Language options:

windows 11 time language change add keyboard layout

You should see the list of added keyboard layouts. Click on Add a keyboard and select one from installed layouts:

windows 11 add switch qwertz qwerty keyboard layout

After a keyboard layout is added, you have to select it by using a shortcut Ctrl + Shift or in the bottom bar.
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11 Feb 2023 at 10:55 AM
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