Create rule or filter in Gmail to move email to folder automatically

How can I create a rule or filter in Gmail to move received email to specific folder automatically ?

I also would like to ask how to create a folder or subfolder in Gmail (create a folder similar to the one in Outlook).
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03 Feb 2023 at 05:38 PM

To create a rule to move received emails into the specific folder, you need to create the folder first. In Gmail there are Labels instead of Folders.

Create a new label by clicking on plus:

gmail create new label folder

Add label name and click on Create:

gmail create new label for filter

You can create a rule for received emails from an opened email, by clicking on three dots and choosing Filter messages like these:

gmail filter received email filter messages like these

Specify what emails should be filtered (enter email address, subject, words, size etc.) and click on Create filter:

gmail create rule to move received emails to folder

Specify what to do with emails matching the criteria. To add the label, check Apply the label and Choose the label. To move emails from Inbox to the Label (folder), check Skip the Inbox. You can also check the last action, to apply the filter to other matching conversations:

gmail create rule to move email to specific folder

You can see all the filters or create another rule for received emails in the Settings (wheel):

gmail go to settings

Go to Filters and Blocked Addresses:

gmail create rule settings filters

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04 Feb 2023 at 05:21 PM
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