How can I do free SEO for my website on my own ?

What do I need to do to improve optimization of my website for search engines ? I am looking for a free SEO methods and recommendations.
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18 Jun 2019 at 05:44 PM

The position of website in Search engine result page is affected by:
  • On-page SEO factors
  • Off-page SEO factors

You can perform search engine optimization on your own, without programming skills, by applying some steps. In general is it difficult to evaluate the exact importance of each SEO factor, but the factors can be splitted into highly important, medium important and less important. On-page SEO includes activities, that are performed directly on website. Off-page SEO inlcudes practices, that are performed outside of website.

Important On-page SEO factors are:
1. Keyword in domain name - for example
2. Keyword in URL - for example
3. Keyword in Title tag
4. Keyword in Description tag
5. Keyword density in body text - appropriate, but not too high (up to approx. 15%)
6. Rich text content
7. Keyword in H1 or H2 tag
8. Outgoing links to good websites (using of Nofollow attribute for links to lower quallity websites)
9. Freshness of page content - newer is better
10. Website age - older is more trusted
11. Using of SSL certificate to secure the connection

Important Off-page SEO factors are:
1. Amount of quallity Dofollow backlinks (backlinks from high authority websites are better)
2. Page Rank - numerical evaluation of website (higher is better)
3. Keyword in anchor text of inbound link to website
4. Site traffic (higher is better, check
5. Incoming links from social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
6. Website load speed (faster is better)

The factors above are so called positive SEO factors. There are also factors, that have negative impact on position of website in search engine result page. They are related to unnatural practices like duplicate content, keyword stuffing, links to a bad sites, invisible text or link buying. These bad SEO practices can lead into penalization or banning of website from appearing in search results.
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18 Aug 2019 at 05:26 PM
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