How do I know if I have Laser or Inkjet printer ?

How can I recognize what type of printer do I have ?

I need to find out if my printer is Laser or Inkjet one.
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18 Jul 2020 at 04:45 PM
There are multiple ways how to find out what type of printer do you have:

  • One of the simplest is to check the brand and model of the printer and search for more details online. Information about model should be written on printer.
  • Run printer software on your computer and search for more information about the device and its toner or ink levels. If there is information about Toner, you have a Laser printer and if there are Ink cartridges, you have an Inkjet printer.
  • When you open the printer and you can find out if there is a toner or ink cartridges inside.
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21 Jul 2020 at 10:37 AM
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