How much gold in ounces or grams can I buy for 1000 USD ?

How many ounces or grams of gold can I buy for 1000 USD ? Is it possible to get a pure gold bar for 1000 USD or 10000 USD ?
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05 Mar 2022 at 07:25 PM
To find out how much gold you can buy for 1000 USD, you have to check the market prices, because the price of gold is volatile. The current market price of gold (commodity) is around 1900 USD per troy ounce. So the price of physical gold will be similar.

When you are interested in buying a smaller amounts of physical gold, you have to focus on small gold bars or gold coins. There are multiple sizes of gold bars available. Gold is measured in grams or troy ounces. Please note that there is a difference between troy ounce and regular ounce. Troy ounce is equal to approx. 31.1035 grams, whereas ounce is equal to approx. 28.35 grams.

The common weights of small gold bars are:

1 gram
2.5 grams
5 grams
10 grams
20 grams
50 grams
100 grams
250 grams

1/10 troy ounce
1/4 troy ounce
1/2 troy ounce
1 troy ounce
2.5 troy ounces
5 troy ounces
10 troy ounces

At current gold price you can buy:
For 1000 USD - two small gold bars 10 grams + 5 grams
For 10000 USD - three small gold bars 100 grams + 50 grams + 10 grams
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06 Mar 2022 at 11:53 AM
Gold coins are often more expensive than gold bars, because of production costs and collector value in some cases.
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12 Mar 2022 at 04:11 PM
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