How to type asterisk or prevent numbering on new line - Jira ?

How can I type asterisk * at the beginning of new line in Jira ? When I try to type it, it changes to the bullet list item.

How can I prevent creation of numbering list when I start typing the number and dot on new line ? For example when I type "1." ?
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14 Oct 2023 at 08:03 AM

When you start typing asterisk and white space on the new line in Jira, the text will be changed into the bullet point. Probabaly the most simple way how prevent the changing of asterisk to bullet point, is to start typing asterisk and "some other temporary characters" + your text. Then just delete the part with "temporary characters" with Backspace or Delete key.

For example, type:

*abc Your text

Then delete "abc" and the asterisk should not change into the bullet point:

* Your text

You can use the same solution to prevent creation of the numbering list when you start typing "1." and white space. Just add some temporary text after "1." and then delete it.

Type: Your text

And after you delete the "abc" part, the text should be not converted into the numbering list:

1. Your text
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16 Nov 2023 at 11:38 AM
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