Open links in different browser / change default browser in Windows 11

How can I change the default web browser in Windows 11 ?

I need to open links in a different web browser.
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06 Feb 2023 at 05:44 PM

To open links in email clients or documents in a different web browser, you have to change a default browser in Windows settings.

Go to the Settings and click on Apps:

windows 11 settings change default apps

Then click on Default apps:

windows 11 settings change default apps

In Default apps, you can search for a file type or link type. Search http and https for websites and mailto for a clickable email addresses:

windows 11 change default browser to open links http https

Click on the current default web browser. In the new window, you can select a default browser from Suggested apps or you can browse apps in the Microsoft store:

windows 11 select a default web browser to open links

You have to do this change for each link type (http, https and mailto). If you know which web browser is selected a default one, you can also do the changes by clicking on specific app in Default apps:

windows 11 change default apps open links in different drowser

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11 Feb 2023 at 11:16 AM
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