Read CSV and Excel files in Visual Studio - CSV viewer / editor

What should I do to show CSV or Excel file content in cells (columns) in Microsoft Visual Studio ? How can I view CSV file's content in the same way as in Excel ?
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11 Jun 2023 at 05:03 PM

To view or edit CSV files in Microsoft Visual Studio, you have to install some Excel viewer extenstion. You can use the following one, which is free:

Click on the extension icon in the left pane, to see the available extensions and search for "excel viewer":

visual studio excel viewer csv editor

Open the extension and click on Install:

visual studio install excel viewer to edit csv files

After the extension is installed, you need to open the folder with your CSV files. Click on File > Open Folder. When the folder is opened and files are listed in the column, click on the file with right mouse button and select Open With:

visual studio open folder csv

Then, in the search box, click on CSV editor:

visual studio open csv file in editor

You should see the CSV file's content. Excel Viewer extension uses comma as a default CSV separator, so you may need to change it to semicolon. You can change it in Settings >Extensions > Excel Viewer > Separator:

visual studion change csv separator from comma to semicolon

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08 Nov 2023 at 06:26 PM
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