Set BIOS to boot Windows from USB drive - not working

Hi, how should I set BIOS to boot windows from USB drive ? I have changed the UEFI and Legacy booting preferences in BIOS, but it looks it is not working because the laptop is not booting from USB. What should I change ?
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28 Dec 2020 at 05:44 PM
The changing of boot options may depends on BIOS version or PC model. To boot from USB you have to often only change the boot order by moving the "USB option" to the top. On some computers, you can press ESC on startup to show the Startup menu, then press F9 to go to Boot device options and choose boot from USB. You can check if your computer have the similar Startup menu.

When the booting from USB is not working, you have to check if the bootable USB drive is formatted and created correctly. For example when you only copy the ISO file to USB it will not work. You have to use a special software to create a bootable USB from ISO file.
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29 Dec 2020 at 12:10 PM
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