TN, IPS, VA, OLED screen difference. Which monitor is better ?

What is the difference between TN, IPS, VA, OLED screen. Which monitor screen is better ?
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26 May 2024 at 02:51 PM
Each type of the monitor screen has some pros and cons. When considering to buy a monitor, important characteristics are:
  • Refresh rate
  • Response time
  • Color reproduction (color accuracy)
  • Viewing angles
  • Price

TN - is an older type of screen, but it has a high refresh rate and response time. The price is lower, so it is often used in budget monitors. Color reproduction and viewing angles are poor.

IPS - has much better colors and viewing angles than TN screens. IPS screens are a bit more expensive, but the price to quality ratio is quite good. The contrast and response time are not so high.

VA - has a very good viewing angles. Colors are refresh rates are average. The response time is slower and the price is lower.

OLED - has a great colors and contrast. Refresh rate and response time are good. But the price is higher. OLED screens may suffer from burn-in.
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31 May 2024 at 05:32 PM
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