What causes inflation ? Why prices rise ? Reasons of price increase


What is the reason of price increase ? Why prices rise ? What causes inflation ?
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13 Jan 2024 at 02:28 PM
Inflation can be caused by multiple different factors.

The main reasons why there is an inflation can be grouped into 3 categories:

  • Market situation
  • Government decisions
  • Production costs

Market situation - can be explained by Demand to Supply ratio. When demand of some product is higher than supply, prices tend to rise. Prices can be higher if Demand is rising more than supply or if Supply is falling more than demand.

Government decisions - like fiscal policy, monetary policy, subventions, price regulation policy etc. have impact on prices. When government rises some taxes, increases government spending, lowers interest rates (increase of money supply), provides large grants or subventions, reduces price regulations, prices tend to rise. Also increase in exports or exchange rates can cause inflation.

Production costs - mutiple situations in production process can increase product's final price:
  • Increased prices of inputs - raw materials, goods and services, wages, but also transport costs, customs tariffs or some taxes
  • Decline in productivity
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21 Jan 2024 at 05:47 PM
Economists also say, that inflation can be a result of inflation expectations.

Inflation expectations is what businesses and households think will happen to prices in the future. Their behaviour can influence the prices.
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23 Jan 2024 at 02:16 PM
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