What is the manday ? How to calculate manday per hectare ?

Two men did a GPS survey and complete the job in 1hr 50min. The job was a 2.8 ha of grassland area to plant trees.

Please help me calculate manday and manday per hectare.

1. What is the manday ?
2. What is the manday per hectare ?
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02 May 2023 at 01:06 PM
Manday is a unit of measurement, that refers to the amount of work done by one person in one day.

Generally, one manday is understood as an 8 hour period of work, but the amount of time may vary.

The abbreviation of Manday is MD.

Manday per hectare can be explained as the amount of work done per 1 hectare.

Calculation could be:

1 MD = 8 Hours

1 hour 50 minutes worked by 2 persons = 3 hours 40 minutes worked in total = 3.66 Hours

3.66 hours = 0.4575 MD ( 3.66 / 8 )

Mandays per hectare = Mandays worked / Area in hectares

Mandays per hectare = 0.4575 / 2.8 = 0.16339 MD/Ha
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04 May 2023 at 10:36 AM
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