Difference between Sony ZV1 and Sony ZV-E10 - which is better ?

Is better camera for YouTube videos Sony ZV1 or Sony ZV-E10 ? What is the difference between them ?
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25 Sep 2022 at 03:22 PM
Both cameras are good for YouTube videos, but each of them has some pros and cons.

Sony ZV1
  • Released in 2019
  • 20.1 Megapixel
  • Supports 4K video
  • Has both digital and build-in optical image stabilization
  • Is a compact camera (does not allow to change lens)
  • Works with 315 focus points
  • Is able to do 24 fps in continual shooting
  • Is smaller and lighter

Sony ZV-E10
  • Released in 2021
  • 24.2 Megapixel
  • Supports 4K video
  • Has only digital image stabilization (has a larger image crop)
  • Allows to change lens
  • Works with 425 focus points
  • Is able to do 12 fps in continual shooting
  • Has faster autofocus
  • Battery lasts a bit longer when taking photos or recordong videos

The prices of both cameras are similar. Sony ZV1 is a small camera with optical image stabilization, what makes it better for vlogging and walking videos. Sony ZV-E10 is able to record a better video when you have it on tripod or in the studio (because it doesn't have an optical image stabilization).
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28 Sep 2022 at 03:58 PM
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