How to make a website load faster - speed up loading time ?

How can I make a website load faster ? What should I do to speed up the page loading time ?
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26 Apr 2022 at 03:31 PM

You can speed up website loading time mainly by a website optimization. Sometimes, when website is loading slow, it can be related to the speed of server internet connection. For example, an internet connection may be fast within a country or region where server is loacted, but not for visitors from other countries.

Website optimization tips to speed up loading time:

  • Optimize HTML code, CSS and Javascript - Minify the amount of source code. In the first step, check if loaded code doesn't contain the parts, that are not used. If some parts of code are not necessary to be there, remove them. In the second step, try to optimize CSS and Javascript. Sometimes you can get the same result with less code used. In the third step, if you have large CSS or Javascript files, that are used for a multiple different pages, you have to consider to split these files into a smaller ones. Then each different page should use a smaller CSS or Javascript file, that contain only the necessary related code.
  • Optimize images - The difference between the file size of optimized and non-optimized images may be quite big. Sometimes, the optimization will not cause any visible changes on image, but it will reduce the file size by 40% or even more. Images can be optimized by a graphics software like Photoshop, using a "Save for Web" method. You can also optimize images using online converting applications.
  • Reduce the number of redirects - Check the number of redirects. For example, if you need to redirect to https://www. format, make sure there is only one straight redirect (not one redirect to https:// and then second one to https://www.)
  • Server performace and internet connection - Check if server is able to provide enough performance for your website. Cheaper shared hosting plans can often provide only a limited performance. If needed, upgrade from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Some web hostings are performance focused, but they are usually more expensive. If your website has an international audience, you have to check, if server internet connection is fast enough also for a visitors from other countries.
  • Use asynchronous loading for CSS and Javascript - Synchronous loading means that files are loaded one by one. Asynchronous loading enables multiple file to load at the same time.
  • Optimize SQL query - Check if you can optimize SQL queries, so reading from database and writing to database can be faster and more efficient. There are multiple SQL optimization tips available.
  • Consider implementation of CDN (suitable for bigger companies)
  • Cache the pages
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14 May 2022 at 01:45 PM
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