Meaning of Default, Preset, Fallback, Callback, Rollback value - difference

What is the meaning of Default value, Preset value, Fallback value, Callback value and Rollback value in software development ?
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15 Nov 2023 at 03:37 PM

To better understand the meaning of Default value, Preset value and Fallback value, you have to read some examples. The terms Callback and Rollback may sound similar to Fallback, but they have quite a different meaning.

Default value is a pre-defined value. If the user doesn't provide or choose a different value, then the default value will be used.

Preset value is an automatically assigned value.

Fallback value is a value, that is used when the preferred value is not available. For example, if there is no value entered, then the pre-defined fallback value will be used. Fallback value can be also used when there is no matching value found etc.

Callback value is a value returned by a callback function. A callback function is a function passed as an argument to other function. It is used mostly in Javascript.

Rollback is the process of reverting a system, application or database to a previous version or state.
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16 Nov 2023 at 01:54 PM
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