Set cookies to expire in hours, minutes, seconds - Javascript

I am using a javascript function, that allows to set after how many days cookies should expire:

var date=new Date();
var expirydays=30;

Now, I need to set cookies to expire after a specific number of hours, minutes or seconds. Can you please give me advice how to do it ?
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13 Jun 2019 at 04:38 PM

To set a cookie expiring in specific amount of hours, minutes and seconds, you can use the solution below. The cookie will expire in 1 hour, 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Expiration time is set in seconds - 3930. You can modifiy the expiration time according to your needs.

var date = new Date();
var expiry = '; expires=' + date.toUTCString();
document.cookie = 'abc=123'+expiry+'; path=/';

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14 Jun 2019 at 02:08 PM
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