Calculate business days from date excluding holidays - PHP

I need to add business days to the specific date, to get the final due date. I would like to exclude weekends, but also national days and public holidays. How can I do this calculation in PHP ? I prefer the simple solution.
posted on 16.07.2020 at 16:49
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To calculate the due date by using specific date and business days, you can use the function below. Date format used in relation to the function is YYYY-MM-DD. Holidays and national days have to be added into $holidays array.

function calculateDateUsingBusinessDays($startDate,$businessDays) {

$dates = array();
$holidays = array("2020-12-24","2020-12-25","2020-12-26");

for ($v=0;$v<=ceil(($businessDays*1.5)+3+count($holidays));$v++) {
$date = date("Y-m-d", strtotime($startDate) + 86400 * $v);
$weekday = date("w", strtotime($date));
if ( $weekday != 6 AND $weekday != 0 AND !in_array($date, $holidays) ) $dates[] = $date;

if( ( date("w", strtotime($startDate)) == 6 OR date("w", strtotime($startDate)) == 0 OR in_array($startDate,$holidays) ) AND $businessDays > 0 ) $businessDays -= 1;

return $dates[$businessDays];

echo calculateDateUsingBusinessDays("2020-07-17",5);

When you request to calculate 0 business days from a business day, you will get the same date. If you request to calculate 1 business day from a business day, you will get the date of the nearest business day.

In case you request to calculate 0 or 1 business day from a non-business day, for example from Saturday, you will get the date of the nearest business day. This you can modify according to your needs.
posted on 19.07.2020 at 16:23
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