CSS font-size units PX to PT, IN, EM, REM conversion

I need to calculate how many Pixels are in 1 Point and other CSS units. For example how can I convert 11 pixels into points, or 12 points into pixels ?
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26 Oct 2019 at 02:55 PM

You can convert font size by the following calculations:

1 Pixel = 0.75 Point
1 Point = 1.3333 Pixels
1 Pixel = 0.010416666 Inches
1 Inch = 96 Pixels

Font size units Em and Rem are relative to other font sizes. Em is related to font size of the parent element. Rem is related to font size of the root element. For example, if the size of parent element is 16px, then 1.5 em is equal to 24px. When the size of root element is 18px, then 1.5 rem is equal to 27px.

To convert font sizes, you can also use this table:

8 px6 pt0.083333 in
9 px6.75 pt0.093750 in
9.33 px7 pt0.097187 in
10 px7.5 pt0.104166 in
10.66 px8 pt0.111041 in
11 px8.25 pt0.114583 in
12 px9 pt0.125000 in
13 px9.75 pt0.135416 in
13.33 px10 pt0.138854 in
14 px10.5 pt0.145833 in
14.66 px11 pt0.152708 in
15 px11.25 pt0.156250 in
16 px12 pt0.166666 in
17 px12.75 pt0.177083 in
17.33 px13 pt0.180520 in
18 px13.5 pt0.187500 in
18.66 px14 pt0.194375 in
19 px14.25 pt0.197916 in
20 px15 pt0.208333 in
21 px15.75 pt0.218750 in
21.33 px16 pt0.222187 in
22 px16.5 pt0.229166 in
22.66 px17 pt0.236041 in
23 px17.25 pt0.239583 in
24 px18 pt0.250000 in
25 px18.75 pt0.260416 in
25.33 px19 pt0.263854 in
26 px19.5 pt0.270833 in
26.66 px20 pt0.277708 in
27 px20.25 pt0.281250 in
28 px21 pt0.291666 in
29 px21.75 pt0.302083 in
29.33 px22 pt0.305520 in
30 px22.5 pt0.312500 in
30.66 px23 pt0.319375 in
31 px23.25 pt0.322916 in
32 px24 pt0.333333 in
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31 Oct 2019 at 06:33 PM
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