How to restore permanently disabled Instagram account ?

When I try to log into my Instagram account, I see the notification that account is blocked:

Your account has been permanently disabled because it didn't follow our Community Guidelines. This decision can't be reversed either because we've already reviewed it or because 30 days have passed since your account was disabled. Learn more about why we disable accounts in our Community Guidelines.

The account is newly created and there is no content shared. Is there a way how to unblock it ?
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07 Nov 2021 at 02:14 PM
Instagram account can be disabled for a multiple reasons. There are not many ways how to contact Instagram and the contact forms are not easy to find. You can try to appeal to unblock your Instagram account, using one of these forms:

To recover your account, you have to fully fill the contact form and attach the required files. After you submit the contact form, you should get a reply in couple of hours or days.

The most probably you will receive an email with a code and instructions what to do.

Received email can look like:

Thanks for contacting us. Before we can help, we need you to confirm that you own this account.

Please reply to this email and attach a photo of yourself holding a hand-written copy of the code below.


The photo you send us must:
- Include the above code hand-written on a clean sheet of paper, followed by your full name and username
- Clearly show both the code and your face
- Be saved and attached to your reply as a JPEG file

After you reply to this email, it can take a couple of days to get a response.
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02 Dec 2021 at 11:36 AM
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