List of all english tenses with structure formula and examples

Hello, how many tenses are in english language ? Can you please write an examples how to use them ?
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05 Oct 2022 at 04:10 PM
You can use 16 tenses in English language. There are four groups of tenses: present tense, past tense, future tense and past future tense. Each group contains simple tense, continuous tense, perfect tense and perfect continuous tense.

Present tense

TenseStructure formulaExample
Present simple tenseSubject + Verb (s/es for the third person)Jenson reads book in library.
Present continuous tenseSubject + Is/Are/Am + Verb in present participle (+ing)She is studying in a college.
Present perfect tenseSubject + Have/Has + Verb in past participleHe has made that painting.
Present perfect continuous tenseSubject + Have/Has + Been + Verb in present participle (+ing) + Since/ForKate has been working here since 2019.

Past tense

TenseStructure formulaExample
Past simple tenseSubject + Verb in Past formGareth did the money transfer.
Past continuous tenseSubject + Was/Were + Verb in present participle (+ing)She was working yesterday in the morning.
Past perfect tenseSubject + Had + Verb in past participleHe had completed his task.
Past perfect continuous tenseSubject + Had + Been + Verb in present participle (+ing)I had been playing the football since 11:30.

Future tense

TenseStructure formulaExample
Future simple tenseSubject + Will/Shall + VerbHe will travel to Germany next week.
Future continuous tenseSubject + Will/Shall + Be + Verb in present participle (+ing)She will be working on this task.
Future perfect tenseSubject + Will have + Verb in past participleLinda will have played the guitar.
Future perfect continuous tenseSubject + Will have been + Verb in present participle (+ing)He will have been exercising for an hour.

Past future tense (known also as Conditional tense)

TenseStructure formulaExample
Past future simple tenseSubject + Would + VerbI told him that I would go to shop in the afternoon.
Past future continuous tenseSubject + Should/Would + Be + Verb in present participle (+ing)He told her that he would be doing invoicing in this week.
Past future perfect tenseSubject + Should/Would + Have + Verb in past participleBen said that he would have done his task.
Past future perfect continuous tenseSubject + Would have been + Verb in present participle (+ing)She said that Brooke should have been doing invoicing for 2 hours by that time.

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29 Oct 2022 at 11:24 AM
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