What makes emails go to spam / look like a spam ?

What makes a sent email go to the spam folder instead of the inbox folder ? What makes it look like spam ?
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10 Aug 2022 at 04:02 PM

Email providers are using a different SPAM filters, so each email provider can have a different SPAM evaluation rules. Because of that, the same email may look good for one email service, but it may look like a SPAM for other email service.

General reasons why emails go to the SPAM folder:

  • Email with the same content is sent to many users
  • Emails received from a certain email address or IP address were often marked as a SPAM, were not read or were deleted without being read
  • Email contains too many links, images or attachments
  • Email contains links to untrusted websites
  • One or multiple key email elements are missing (from, subject, content)
  • Email's content triggers SPAM filters, because it includes a certain words (like Free, Lowest price, Easy money), because many words are in ALL CAPS or because there are multiple exclamation marks, currency signs or other punctuation marks in a row
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04 Sep 2022 at 01:36 PM
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